Formed by scientists who are passionate innovators in cannabis.
Our academics use their research, knowledge and network to create bespoke scientific solutions. Our founder Chris Tasker started GCS after completing his cannabis medical research degree and masters at Nottingham University.

We are a team of scientists and medical researchers with specific expertise in the field of cannabis. Cannabis industry is emerging across the world. In 2018 the cannabis business became legal in the UK. This has meant the emergence of a new wave of businesses and innovation for UK companies. We have been heavily involved in the emergence of this industry.

The novelty of the industry means a tremendous knowledge gap has emerged. Each company has an accounting firm and a law firm. Neither group is qualified in cannabis or has experience. Our team of experts & scientists have formed a first of its kind science firm to service this knowledge gap. This new field is uncharted and unexplored territory. The growth of this industry requires innovation and creativity in order to thrive. This firm will be exclusively positioned to service the cannabis industry with unique expertise and perspectives in science.  This science underpins the emergence of this industry and GCS is the UK's first firm of researchers and innovators who can help this industry flourish.   

Global cannabinoid Solutions (GCS) is a vehicle for the creative application of science by experts in cannabis research. The firm was founded by scientists to make innovation accessible to the emerging cannabis industry. With this scientific knowledge GCS is streamlining the cannabis industry to accelerate the positive impact on society and bring a new wave of therapeutic hope to British patients. We protect cannabis businesses from misinformation and empower them with forefront scientific knowledge. Helping this emerging industry make the most of its money to improve the pace of medical and social advancement.


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Our firm unifies scientists from across the globe, offering them a creative outlet for their forefront knowledge and experience, covering all dimensions of the cannabis industry. We are a firm of experts, you consult with us, and we connect the best scientists for you.We have amassed some of the sharpest minds and most progressive thinkers in cannabis science to power the success of your business. Get your business ahead of the competition

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